General Insurance; protecting your property and belongings

The property insurance market is complex; insurance policies vary from provider to provider. For example, the extent of cover, excesses and exclusions, settlement terms (new for old or fair market value), no-claims discounts, cover for goods taken out of the home and the definition of valuables that may need separate cover, etc.

Hadley-Clarke Mortgages has built a relationship with an experienced Insurance Brokers, who can help you get the right product at the right price to ensure you are properly protected should the worst happen.

Buildings Insurance
Protecting your most valuable asset – this insurance is designed to cover the structure of your home and the fixtures and fittings – as a rough rule of thumb anything which you would not be able to take with you when you move e.g. bath, sink, integral appliances.

Contents Insurance
This covers your possessions, including carpets and curtains, and by taking the personal possessions extension you ensure that items normally taken out of the home e.g. jewellery, portable electronics, clothing etc are insured worldwide.

Landlords Insurance
Their landlord insurance offers high levels of standard cover, options to increase limits, and extend your cover if you need to. Remember that home insurance isn’t designed for rental properties – you need specialist landlord insurance.

Landlords Portfolio Insurance
What we mean by Landlords Portfolio is a single [block] policy that covers more than one property. If you have a portfolio of properties, you could make savings with a portfolio insurance package, insuring multiple properties under one simple low cost policy.

Specialist and Non-Standard Insurance
A growing number of customers now have properties or personal circumstances that can be problematic to insure. Their is a dedicated specialist team dealing with non-standard construction, unoccupied properties, previous subsidence or flooding, high value buildings/contents. They use a panel of specialist insurers, so if you are struggling to obtain an insurance quote, then they may be able to help provide you with a quotation despite any of the following.

– Unoccupied properties
– Previous subsidence or flooding
– Adverse financial or claims history
– Criminal convictions
– Non-standard construction
– Lodgers or paying guests
– High value buildings and/or
– Non-standard landlord risks

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